My Second Life with Linden Lab

As the title implies, I am pleased to announce I am now employed by Linden Lab, more commonly known as Second Life.

I used to dream of virtual worlds when I was a kid, of a place where numbers and colors represented constructs and ideas, where neon lights would mean something other than just 'Eat at Joes'. To be in a multi-user environment where any information could be exchanged, art designed, code constructed, and where all business could be conducted.

It's no secret I've always loved the works of Gibson and Stephenson, and it had a profound impact on my childhood in the 1980s. Those like me grew up with dystopia cyberpunk fiction that provided the indelible stamp of our lowly origins, or something like that ;)

The internet is a great thing, but it's still just a backbone, a series of connections awaiting content worthy of our imagination. Hey, Layers 1-7 are great, but when it comes to how we use it with applications themselves, along with the human interface design elements, the internet as most people understand it, is pretty lacking.

However, thanks to this relatively new metaverse space being developed and championed by Linden Lab, those ideas of what the internet should be, could become reality for all of us.

In the meantime, I'll be working on creating a version of my childhood dreams, I can't imagine anything better than that ;)